Outdoor Barbecue Smoking Grill Planks

Grill on 12 x 5-1/2″ planks for juicier, more flavorful food prepared with less fat and oil




  • Planks each measuring 12-inch length by 5-1/2-inch width
  • The Outdoor Barbecue Smoking Grill Planks come with full instructions and 7 tasty recipes on the packaging.
  • Soak plank in plain water (or add 1 cup wine or your favorite juice) before using then place on your gas or charcoal grill on the preheated grill
  • Each plank can be reused about three times. Includes instructions and recipes
  • Plank-cooked foods are juicier, more flavorful and less susceptible to nutrient loss and can be prepared using less fat, oil, sauces or liquids
  • **Combo set of 4 contains 2 Cedar and 2 Alder. Combo set of 8 contains 4 Cedar and 4 Alder

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Set of 4, Set of 8


Alder, Cedar, Combo


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