Deluxe Dual Chocolate Melting Pot

Double the fun with the dual chocolate melting pot that comes with over 30 accessories and 12 recipes




Perfect for melting, drizzling, and dipping your favorite chocolate, our chocolate melting pots come with over 30 accessories and 12 recipes so your favorite treats taste even better. Melt up to 2 cups of chocolate at a time without water, and use the fruit skewers, fondue forks, spatula, handling fork, truffle dipper, and metal cooling rack to perfect your favorite delicious snacks. With 9 unique molding trays included, you can get creative with your treats as well. Perfect for anyone who loves chocolate or trying new delicious snacks!
  • Deluxe Dual Electric Chocolate Melting Pots melts up to 2 cups of chocolate without water
  • Comes with over 30 accessories, including 6 chocolate molds, fondue forks, and more!
  • Melts chocolate perfectly for easy pouring, dipping, and drizzling 12 recipes and 9 unique molding trays included inside!
  • Works with any kind of chocolate

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 9 in


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